New Politics revitalizes American democracy by recruiting, developing, and electing servant leaders who put community and country over self. 

We support outstanding military veterans and national service leaders, alumni of programs like AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps, to step up and serve our country again, this time through politics. Last year we were proud to be behind the movement of veterans who ran for office for the first time, and we have big plans to grow into the future.

We believe now more than ever our nation needs leaders who have served our country and know what it means to put others first. We need Americans who have put everything aside to serve our communities outside of politics to serve our country as political leaders.

New Politics was founded in 2013 by City Year alumna Emily Cherniack, who saw during her service and subsequent political experience both the lack of support for national service alumni trying to re-enter public service and the transformational impact they could have if elected.

Emily’s path to politics came when her boss and mentor, Alan Khazei, decided to run for the US Senate in 2009. Khazei asked Emily to become his Deputy Campaign Manager and, although he was defeated, Emily learned a great deal from his campaign and the power of political leaders who chose to serve country before self.

This experience led Emily to conclude that our current system for recruiting political talent is broken. The current talent pipeline is intentionally exclusive, and has significant barriers that prevent transformational leaders from successfully running for office; the only way to change that is to change the pipeline. New Politics was founded in 2013 to address exactly that.

New Politics is a bipartisan organization helping bring a new generation of leadership to politics by helping promising servant leaders run for public office.


We identify top talent, advise them on building a winning campaign infrastructure, and provide mentorship and training throughout their campaigns. In doing so, we help change the political landscape by bringing fresh, service-oriented perspectives to politics, from veterans in Congress to national service leaders in state houses around the country.

We need New Politics because our current politics isn’t working.
— Congressman Seth Moulton, Massachusetts' Sixth District

What we do

Recruit new leadership

We’re building a deep servant leadership pipeline by recruiting talented service veterans to run for Congress and other offices through a rigorous selection process. For instance, this year, we recruited Dan McCready, Rep. Juana Matias, and others, to run for Congress.

Develop servant leaders

We continuously mentor our candidates as they think about running for office. In 2016, we supported Juana Matias when she ran for and won a state representative seat. We then supported her in her run for Congress.

Build winning campaigns

We incubate entire campaigns – from guiding the consultant- and staff-hiring processes to devising fundraising strategies and developing a compelling message. We recruited Ken Harbaugh’s staff and helped him set up his campaign for success.

Elect veterans & national service alumni

We continue to coach and assess the team as the campaign develops. In the 2016 cycle, New Politics ran now-Congressman Mike Gallagher’s GOTV push and raised more than $60,000 for his campaign, helping send another veteran to Congress.

Advise elected leaders

We advise our candidates as they become elected officials. We worked closely with Rep. Moulton to build a national platform and movement with the Serve America Victory Fund – encouraging more servant leaders to run for office. This effort has been behind the large movement of veterans running for Congress this year.

We need a new generation of servant leaders and that’s why New Politics’ mission is so critical. Having an organization like New Politics that’s dedicated to giving the next generation of servant leaders the tools they need to be successful and serve their country in new and different ways is incredibly, incredibly important and it made all the difference in my own campaign and my race.
— Congressman Mike Gallagher, Wisconsin's 8th District

If you are considering running for office and seeking our support