America needs new leaders, a new greatest generation, and a new politics across all levels of government.

Currently, a generation of committed citizens, forged by national service, has already demonstrated the ability and drive to change our country and world.  We must call on them now to change our politics and government, bring our country together, and reorient our political system towards a mission guided by our shared challenges and values.

New Politics seeks to change our political system by helping elect leaders who have been on the front lines and have served our communities through civilian or military service to political office.




We believe that transformational leadership in politics matters – that we need leaders who are part of creating something larger than themselves, not just reelection

We believe that now more than ever our nation needs leaders who have served this country through military, AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, and other significant service programs. We need those who have put everything aside to serve America outside of politics to serve our country as political leaders. These Americans are undaunted by our most pressing problems. They don’t see challenges as walls but as hurdles – not as constraints but as opportunities.

In their service they’ve faced down problems where failure wasn’t an option – where they’ve had to either collaborate and succeed or stand divided and fail.

Now we need them to bring that type of leadership to our politics, to bring our nation together to solve some of the 21st century’s most complex problems.

But before they can lead politically, they need to break down the significant barriers to running for elected office – barriers that prevent too many of our nation’s best leaders from running and winning.

At New Politics, we fix that – and give Americans who have served the tools and guidance to win elections and become the transformational leaders America needs.



Today, running for office is incredibly complex and difficult to navigate.

Too often, the “battle is won or lost before it is fought,” with victories going to traditional political names and brands. Oftentimes, candidates self-select to run, and qualifed for their ability to fundraise. They capitalize on insider party tactics and political infrastructure to win.

In order to level the playing field and break down the barriers that prevent many from running, New Politics incubates campaigns and helps candidates get through the first phase.

It’s about more than money. Like a good venture capital firm, New Politics helps campaigns navigate every part of the the start-up phase – from helping hire a talented team and navigating the world of consultants and vendors, to providing strategic advice and guidance on building best systems and infrastructure. We help build the foundation a campaign, so the candidate can focus on being just that – a candidate.

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We recruit transformational service leaders based on the following criteria:

  • Significant service experience
  • Demonstrated Impact
  • Leadership Experience


Once we recruit our candidates, we help incubate their campaigns by providing strategic advice, connections to vendors, consultants, hiring campaign team, and providing access to networks of donors and volunteers. We help help articulate narrative and message for why they are running, advise on systems and connect to network of donors




Our approach for political funding is at the nexus of two chief challenges in politics: the challenge of finding great leaders to run for office and the challenge of running an effective campaign.

Practicing Effective Political Giving

Most people give to candidates without knowing how their campaigns are being run or without really having the time to vet candidates. Investing in New Politics helps build infrastructure and systems that allow for the “unlikely” candidates to have the opportunity to run a successful campaign.