Blog: New Politics August Updates

Even as the weather is getting cooler, our candidates are on fire! This month, we endorsed two very impressive servant leaders, and our elected leaders made their voices heard in the national media. And as September comes around, we hope you join us in mobilizing for Dan McCready’s special election on the 10th!

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We endorsed combat veteran and educator Jackie Gordon for Congress in New York’s Second District

On Wednesday, we endorsed Jackie Gordon for Congress in NY-02. Jackie is a leader who has dedicated her entire life to serving her community and country, and we think she’ll put New York first in Congress. She retired from the Army Reserves with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel after 29 years of service, during which she served in Germany, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Back home, Jackie has spent nearly three decades inspiring New York’s public school students as a teacher and guidance counselor. And since 2007, she’s served on the Babylon Town Council. We’ve gotten to know Jackie pretty well over these past few months, and she is an incredibly impressive servant leader. Learn more about her and join her team!

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We endorsed Navy veteran and emergency department pediatrician David Myles for Rockville City Council

Earlier this month, we endorsed David Myles for Rockville City Council. David is one of the most hardworking, dedicated people we have met, and we think he’ll be a courageous leader in Rockville. He is a veteran of the US Navy, and provides pro-bono outpatient medical care in addition to working as a physician. David has served on many committees in Rockville, and currently serves on the Rockville Goes Purple opioid awareness planning committee. We’ve been lucky enough to see how much David cares about serving his community, and know he will make positive change in Rockville. Learn more about David at!

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Mikie Sherrill shared her vision on New York Times’ “The Daily”

New Politics Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill shared her powerful vision for what servant leadership looks like earlier this month on the New York Times’ morning podcast “The Daily”. Mikie discussed her pragmatic approach to representing her constituents and shared what motivated her to run for office, saying, “There is a real sense in my district that we need more bipartisanship, that we need more people in this country fighting for the issues that everyone in this country agrees on.” Take a listen to learn more about Mikie, including how she avoids the partisan noise in Washington and she strives to work across the aisle now that she’s serving in Congress. Think she’s as brilliant as we do? Show your support for Mikie by helping her get reelected! 

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Abigail Spanberger featured in the Washington Post

The Washington Post write a great profile of New Politics Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger, highlighting her ability to work across the aisle during her first eight months in office.Abigail described her work in the bipartisan Problem Solver’s Caucus, saying that, “If I’m going to try to bridge this gap, because that’s what I do every day in my district is bridge the gap of people who are on the political spectrum, then maybe I do it in my whole caucus.” We hope you take a look at the article and learn more about what Abigail’s been up to in Congress over these past few months. We’re so impressed by how she’s managed to navigate conflict and stay true to her bipartisan values. Check out Abigail’s websiteto learn more about how you can support her work!

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We are gearing up for Dan McCready’s election in September

We’ve gotten our team all ready to go get out the vote for Marine veteran Dan McCready’s election on September 10th. Dan has been hard at work sharing his message of “country over party”, and his hopes to create bipartisan change in Congress. We need your help in mobilizing during these crucial days leading up to Dan’s election. Members of our team will be on the ground in the crucial four days before the polls close. Join us and sign up to volunteer on Dan’s campaign here!

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New Politics needs your support! We could not recruit and elect these terrific candidates without the generosity of individuals like you. Can we count on you as we gear up for 2020? Investing in New Politics helps ensure exceptional servant leaders have the infrastructure, support, and resources they need to run a successful campaign. Donate here.