Blog: Matt Wilhelm Passes Service Year Workforce Commission Bill

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 2.12.48 PM.png

Matt Wilhelm, one of our amazing leaders who is serving as State Representative in New Hampshire’s 42nd District, just had his first piece of legislation signed into law! He established the Service Year Workforce Commission, which focuses on expanding national service opportunities and portraying these opportunities as effective workforce development tools . The commission will be made up of various stakeholders, and it will look for ways to keep national service alumni in New Hampshire after they finish their service. The commission will also look at some of the problems that keep young service alumni from settling in New Hampshire and becoming part of the workforce. 

Matt has been hard at work for months on this bill, and it ended up being passed unanimously by both legislative chambers, which goes to show that service is valued across the aisle. The commission is scheduled to make its recommendations by November 1st. We are excited to see how Matt’s hard work in passing this bill attracts more servant leaders to New Hampshire, and incentivizes them to start their careers in the Granite State. Way to go, Matt!