Blog: James Talarico reflects on his first session in the Texas Legislature

James Talarico, a New Politics servant leader who represents House District 52 in the Texas State Legislature, just released a video sharing the highlights from his very first session! He is the youngest member of the Texas Legislature, and has had a very busy first session.

During the 86th legislative session, Rep. Talarico served on the Committee on Public Education and proposed an ambitious bipartisan legislative agenda called the Whole Student Agenda. He also worked on House Bill 3, bringing his experience as an educator to shape school finance reform. We’re proud of James’ ability to bring people together across party lines and use his first hand service experience to make progress on an important issue for Texas!

James even walked across all the 25 miles of his district! That’s pretty impressive if you ask us. 

We think James has done a pretty amazing job! We thank him for his hard work this session and we look forward to seeing his continued service in Austin.