Endorsement: Mike Johnston for U.S. Senate in Colorado

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Today, we endorsed former teacher, principal, and state Senator Mike Johnston for U.S. Senate in Colorado. Mike began his public service as a Teach for America corps member, then served as a principal in a juvenile prison, and as principal again, led a high school in Colorado where under his leadership, 100% of seniors who graduated were accepted to college. He will take on first term Senator Cory Gardner in a 2020 general election.

Emily had this to say about Mike: “From the classroom to the state Senate, Mike Johnston has lived a life of service to his community and never shied away from the tough fights and hard choices. He has run at the hardest problems to bring real progress to Colorado. Mike has built an incredibly strong campaign that is leading a movement for new leadership across Colorado, and we could not be more proud to endorse him.”

Our endorsements include strategic advising and training in all aspects of Johnston’s campaign, such as fundraising, communications, organizing, and hiring and team building. In 2018, we helped raise over $7M for our endorsed candidates and this year we will be growing our impact substantially. We have supported 10 congressional candidates so far this cycle. Mike Johnston is our first endorsement at the U.S. Senate level.