Blog: February 2019 Campaigns Update

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2019 has been off to a busy start, and we’re excited to update you on a few February highlights as the new cycle begins in earnest. We kick off this month’s update with some news on familiar faces.

McCready has a new race; election fraud earns unanimous vote for a new election

A marine veteran and solar energy entrepreneur, Dan McCready was one of our top recruits for Congress last cycle. He ran an incredible campaign in a very tough district, and over the last few months, his race in North Carolina’s Ninth District has garnered national attention as evidence of election fraud perpetrated by his opponent has been uncovered. After months of state investigations and great reporting, the State Board of Elections last week ruled in a unanimous 5-0 decision to hold a new election. Now we have to have Dan’s back as he gears up for a fair fight -- will you offer your support? Dan has poured everything he has into this race, and we know it would mean a lot to have the New Politics family mobilize around him.

New Politics supports Pat Ryan for County Executive in Ulster County, New York

Last cycle, we were thrilled to support Pat Ryan in his run for Congress in New York’s 19th District. Pat’s a West Point grad, Army veteran, and an incredible servant leader. He represents the kind of new leadership we want to attract to politics: Americans who have served before and see politics as a way to continue serving. We’re excited to get behind Pat now as he runs for County Executive in Ulster County, New York. We’re proud to support him once again because he embodies what it means to be a servant leader and the hunger to continue serving his community. Pat’s running to represent the community that raised him -- and he’s currently the frontrunner due to the strong campaign he’s built. Will you chip in a few dollars to show your support?

Interested in exploring a run for office? Answer the Call with New Politics Leadership Academy

New Politics Leadership Academy has launched applications for their Answering the Callprogram, the first step for military veterans and national service alumni who are interested in exploring whether politics is right for them. The program will be offered this spring in 18 cities across the country and online, and you can refer a friend or apply here! This is a great way for servant leaders to do the critical work of reflecting on their service journey and clarifying their leadership mission and core values.