Blog: New Politics welcomes Kevin Holst to the team as Finance Advisor

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New Politics is excited to welcome Kevin Holst to the team as our Finance Advisor. Holst will serve as an advisor, coach, and liaison to candidates and their finance staff, helping candidates raise the resources they need to run winning campaigns.

Prior to joining New Politics, Kevin was the National Finance Director for Mike Johnston’s U.S. Senate campaign, which raised a race-leading $3.6 million.. Last cycle, Kevin served as the Finance Director for Congressman Seth Moulton and his Serve America PAC, overseeing a first of its kind fundraising effort that raised over $4.95 for more than 20 first time congressional service candidates. At New Politics, Kevin will build on this work to grow the New Politics movement of service candidates and ensure they’re funded for success.

“New Politics and its candidates embody the essence of country over party and people over partisan politics,” said Holst. “I am ready to get to work to ensure we grow this movement and elect leaders who are dedicated to putting what’s best for their community and country ahead of narrow partisan politics.”