Huffpost: Responding to This Moment by Answering the Call to Serve

It’s a challenging time for our country. From Charlottesville to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma to the paralyzing gridlock and partisanship in Congress, disturbing events are unfolding at a pace that is dizzying and relentless. It is a challenge to simply keep up with it all, never mind process and respond to it all in a thoughtful way.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and disoriented, you are not alone. In the face of the volatility and complexity of the world today, it is a challenge for many to find an inner place of focus, direction, and clarity.

And if you’ve served our country and believe in putting people before politics, and you’re asking yourself, “How should I respond to this moment?” you’re also not alone. You’re a servant leader, you’ve already made the choice to step up and serve your country in the past, and you burn with a desire to continue to serve in the most powerful and effective way possible in this turbulent era. Perhaps you’ve even wondered if it’s time for you to step up and seek elected office as a next step in your service journey. After all, we are seeing what politics looks like when party comes before country.

That’s why we’re building a movement of proven servant leaders, and if you find yourself grappling with these questions, we hope you’ll join us. At New Politics Leadership Academy, we run a powerful, tested leadership development program called Answering the Call. It’s a four-session, small group reflective learning experience in which servant leaders get the chance to slow down, reflect, and gain clarity about their most authentic and compelling path into the future. It’s not a chance to learn technical skills or encounter motivational speakers; it’s a chance to step away from the dizzying pace of today’s headlines and listen for the inner voice of truth, clarity, and direction.

Nearly 500 people have already completed the program this year. Here’s what one participant had to say about the experience:

In this political climate, you have to have a concrete sense of what you stand for. ATC is a highly reflective experience that allows you to dive deep into your own priorities and vision for your community. I learned more about myself in the first session than I had in the past few years. It isn’t very often that you are given the guided space to reflect so deeply while surrounded by like-minded and service oriented individuals.

This fall, we’re running Answering the Call in 17 cities and online. If you’ve served our country and wonder how to respond to the moment we’re in, consider applying. Learn more here.