We are building a movement to transform our politics and revitalize our democracy.

We believe we should expect more from our political leaders — that courage, integrity, and empathy aren't too much to ask for.

We support outstanding military veterans and national service leaders who step up to serve our country again, this time through politics — from Congress to school board.

Our lack of political leadership is not for a lack of leaders. There is a new generation of committed citizens, forged by service, who have created change and exercised leadership in communities across our country and around the world. We now call on them to continue their service to our country in elected office — to transform our politics, bring our country together, and revitalize our democracy. It's time for political leaders who are guided by the call to serve and a shared sense of purpose for America — leaders who are committed to putting country over party and people over partisan politics.



We need those who have put everything aside to serve America outside of politics to continue to serve our country — now as political leaders.

At a time when national politics is so broken, we are in desperate need of a new generation of leaders who cut their teeth on public service. Recruiting these leaders and giving them the resources to run for public office may be our best hope of breaking out of today’s mess.
— David Gergen, advisor to four U.S. presidents


To break down the significant barriers to successfully running for office, we support the whole leader every step of the way and at every level — from school board to Congress and on both sides of the aisle.




An AmeriCorps alum herself, Cherniack ultimately believes service-minded politicians could change government priorities. “Their frame is country and community first,” she says.


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Our candidates and elected office holders are changing and challenging the political landscape every day. Follow them on their journeys, and join us in this movement.

Duty to country is personal for me. After flying in the Navy and running a disaster relief organization, I knew I had the leadership experience and work ethic to serve my country again. But I did not entirely know where to begin. At a time when Congress is dominated by those who would place the needs of one political party over the needs of this nation, New Politics rises above partisanship and offers candidates like me motivation, guidance, and hope.
— Ken Harbaugh, OH-07 congressional candidate