Candidate for City Council in Manchester, New Hampshire


Hassan came to Manchester as a refugee in 2000, and grew up there and attended the city’s public schools. The role that this community plays in my life has led to a passion for public service, and he serves our country in the New Hampshire Air National Guard.

  Hassan believe that good leadership starts with listening. Empathy is his core value, and he thinks that those in leadership positions should be able to put themselves in the shoes of people from all walks of life. In recent years, he has been provided many opportunities to get to know people across Ward 12 and hear what is important to them.  

  As Alderman, he will work to ensure that Manchester’s future is safe, economically prosperous, diverse, and community-oriented. We need to make our public schools, students, and teachers a priority; support hardworking families; invest in maintaining infrastructure; and strengthen prevention and recovery efforts to fight the opioid crisis.

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