dan helmer

Virginia 10th District Congressional Candidate

U.S. Army

Dan is a U.S. Army veteran, business strategist, husband, and father. His wife, Karen, is a public school teacher, and their two young sons, Harris and Aaron, attend class just down the hall from their mom. Dan, the son and grandson of immigrants, has devoted much of his life to serving the country that welcomed his family when they were refugees -- and that enabled them to thrive thereafter.

After high school he enrolled at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and, over the course of his military career, served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and South Korea, witnessing firsthand the potential and limits of American power.

A Rhodes Scholar and the recipient of the Bronze Star, Dan has traveled with his family throughout the country and the world on behalf of the United States. After his time with the Army, Dan began serving as a strategic adviser at a major international strategy firm, where he has helped public and private sector institutions innovate, solve complex problems, and more effectively serve Americans.

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