dan helmer

Candidate for Delegate, Virginia’s 40th House District

U.S. Army

Dan Helmer is a candidate running to represent Fairfax and Prince William Counties in Virginia’s 40th District. He’s running for Delegate to ensure a community that is welcoming to all, livable, and safe.  A lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve, Dan served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan after graduating from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. During 11 years of active duty service, Dan conducted counterterrorism and intelligence operations around the globe, eventually serving in leadership positions in support of U.S. Special Operations Command. While on active duty, he earned the Rhodes Scholarship. After leaving active duty service, Dan began working as a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. He is now a partner in a rapidly growing, Virginia-based small business that helps the government, non-profits, and businesses solve some of their most difficult problems.

Dan and his wife Karen live in Fairfax with their two sons, Harris and Aaron. Karen is a public school teacher in Fairfax County Public Schools, where both Harris and Aaron are students.

Dan is the descendant of immigrants and Holocaust survivors who came to America as refugees.  He is deeply committed to serving the country that welcomed his family. During his active duty military service, Dan regularly witnessed the power of people from all different backgrounds working together to accomplish a common mission and solve tough problems.

Dan knows that the partisan infighting in Richmond has real world consequences for our community. Each day, his family, like many others, is forced to drive through the Popes Head and Fairfax County Parkway intersection, one of the most dangerous interchanges in the entire Commonwealth. Little has been done to improve this dangerous intersection in the past twenty years, and the current General Assembly has lacked the political will to fully fund transportation infrastructure, including improved roads, mass transit, and bike and foot paths. Dan has also seen the consequences of that same political cowardice and lack of service in the General Assembly’s unwillingness to confront gun violence in the form of ongoing devastating mass shootings, everyday violence, and an epidemic of veteran suicides by gun.

In both the Army and business, Dan hasn’t walked away from the hard problems, and he won’t do that in Richmond either. Dan believes there’s no reason we can’t bring people together across party lines for commonsense solutions that put our community first. Whether fully funding transportation infrastructure or protecting our communities from gun violence, Dan will work tirelessly for commonsense legislation that serves our community and makes it livable and safe. He will support teacher pay raises. He will take on Dominion Energy’s outsize influence in Richmond, ending the sweetheart deal that has guaranteed corporate profits and done little to curb carbon pollution while leaving Virginians with higher electricity bills and the 50th least efficient grid in the country. He will protect Medicaid Expansion, which delivers healthcare for the first time to hundreds of thousands of Virginians, including tens of thousands of military veterans. He will also fight for issues of national importance, such as working for a fair redistricting process and ensuring that the women he served side-by-side with in Iraq and Afghanistan have Constitutionally guaranteed equal rights through ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.