New Politics, a national organization that recruits and supports military veterans and national service alumni to run for public office, today endorsed Kathy Tran and Donte Tanner in their runs to represent Virginia’s 42nd and 40th Districts in the House of Delegates. “Kathy Tran is a mother of four who’s dedicated her life to serving her country and her community – as an advocate for working Americans, for the rights of immigrants, and for kids in her local schools as President of the PTA,” said Emily Cherniack, Founder and Executive Director of New Politics. “She’s a true servant leader, we’re proud to endorse her, and we look forward to seeing her in Richmond.” On Tuesday night, Kathy Tran won her primary election 54-46 and now will face Lolita Mancheno-Smoak during Virginia’s general election on November 7th. “Dedication to his country runs deep for Donte Tanner – from his parents’ military and public service to his own service in the Air Force,” said Emily Cherniack. “Virginia families deserve a servant leader like Donte who will always put them first, and we’re proud to endorse him in his run for Delegate.” Donte Tanner did not face an opponent in Tuesday’s primary. He will face Tim Hugo on November 7th. Continue reading

New Politics Endorses Dan McCready for Congress

New Politics, a national organization that recruits and supports military veterans and national service alumni to run for public office, endorsed Dan McCready on Thursday in his run for Congress in North Carolina's 9th Congressional District. “Dan McCready's love for his country is palpable and infectious," said Emily Cherniack, Executive Director and Founder of New Politics. “Whether he's raising his hand to join the Marines at a time of war or investing in 21st century clean energy jobs for North Carolina’s workers, Dan is someone who gets up every day and asks, ‘What can I do to help my community?’ We know that in Congress, unlike so many politicians in Washington, Dan will always be a faithful servant leader who never puts party above country, and we could not be prouder to support him.” Continue reading

New Politics Endorses Jason Crow for Congress

New Politics, a national organization that recruits and supports military veterans and national service alumni to run for public office, endorsed Jason Crow on Tuesday in his run for Congress in Colorado’s 6th Congressional District. “Jason Crow is the kind of American who never hesitates to put himself on the line for others – who runs toward a problem when he sees one,” said Emily Cherniack, Executive Director and Founder of New Politics. “That’s how he’s dedicated his life, from enlisting in the National Guard to serve his country and help put himself through school, to serving three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as an Army infantry officer and earning a Bronze Star, to helping lead the charge to bring the V.A. to Aurora. Washington today is full of career politicians who care more about their own political ambitions than the communities they serve, and in Jason, Colorado families have the opportunity to elect someone who will always put them first. Jason knows how to bring people together, focus on mission, and solve problems. We’re proud to support him and we can’t wait to see his servant leadership in Congress.” Continue reading

Roll Call: Obama Vet Joins Push for public servants in office

David Heifetz cleaned out his desk at the White House Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs in January and joined the effort to get public servants elected to office. Heifetz, 28, who had written speeches for former President Barack Obama’s senior adviser Valerie Jarrett since August 2015, is now the chief communications officer of New Politics, a nonprofit that recruits and consults with candidates from public service backgrounds to run for public office. Continue reading

Pod Save America: Seth Moulton Joins the podcast at sxsw

New Politics Candidate and U.S. Congressman Seth Moulton (MA-6) joins Pod Save America at SXSW to talk about the future of the country and the Democratic Party, and gives New Politics a big shout-out too. Continue reading

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: The Transferrable Skill of Military Service

When Johnny comes marching home again, he sometimes runs for Congress. Jeannie, too. Since George Washington became president, war veterans have had a disproportionate role in American life, culture and politics. A dozen generals have become president, and several times — in 1848, when Lewis Cass ran against Zachary Taylor; in 1852, when Franklin Pierce ran against Winfield Scott; and in 1880, when James Garfield ran against Winfield Scott Hancock — two generals opposed each other for the presidency. Continue reading

Huffington Post: Glimpsing a Politics That Works

In conference rooms across the country, an unusual scene is unfolding: Democrats and Republicans, gathered together, engaged in thoughtful, respectful, and supportive dialogue. At a time when even close family members have a hard time being civil when talking across political divides, it’s a rare vision to behold. These individuals are participants in Answering the Call, a program developed by the New Politics Leadership Academy. The mission of the Academy is to recruit and support alumni of service programs—both military veterans and alumni of civilian service programs like AmeriCorps or Peace Corps—to run for office. Answering the Call is a four-session small group learning journey; this February, it ran in 14 cities across the country, collectively engaging more than 200 participants. The conference rooms in which these discussions unfolded could be found in Boston, New York, Denver, Milwaukee, Charleston, Nashville, Detroit, Milwaukee and several more cities around the country. Continue reading

New Politics Endorses Mike Gallagher

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 18, 2016 CONTACT Emily Cherniack, 617-233-4942 GreenBay, WI-- New Politics, a bi-partisan organization that recruits and supports those who have served in the military, AmeriCorps, and Peace Corps to run for office, endorsed Marine veteran Mike Gallagher in his race for Wisconsin's 8th Congressional District.  "We need leaders in politics who wake up every day looking for opportunities to serve - and that's Mike Gallagher," said Emily Cherniack, Founder of New Politics. "Mike has dedicated his life to putting our country first, from the Marines to the campaign trail. Mike understands that leadership is about putting others before yourself, and it's why we’re proud to support him." Continue reading

WBUR: Convincing Veterans To Serve Their Country In The Political Realm

Over the last four decades, the number of veterans serving in congress has dwindled from 75 percent to under 20 percent. A Boston-based organization is trying to change that. The group “New Politics” seeks out, nurtures and supports the candidacies of people who have served in the military or in organizations such as the Peace Corps or AmeriCorps. Continue reading

The Harvard Crimson: Organization Looks to Support ‘Service Veterans’ Seeking Office

The Kendall Square-based organization New Politics, which supports veterans and other service-oriented people seeking elected office, is looking for success in its second election cycle. Continue reading